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LUCKY ME: My Life With and Without my Mom, Shirley MacLaine
by Sachi Parker with Frederick Stroppel


LUCKY ME is the story of Sachi Parker, the only child of Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine. Sachi’s surreal childhood begins when she is sent to Japan at the age of two to live with her mercurial father and his mistress. She divides her time being raised by a Japanese governess and going back and forth to L.A. to be with her mother. As she gets older and attends boarding school in England and Switzerland, becomes a Qantas stewardess, and becomes involved in a series of abusive relationships she tries to unravel the mysteries of her childhood and her parents’ unconventional marriage. LUCKY ME is a fascinating look at Hollywood and what it takes to succeed there, and a wrenching chronicle of a woman’s attempt to understand and connect with her extremely complicated parents.

Read a great review of LUCKY ME by Liz Smith in the Huffington Post HERE.

GLACIER BAY, based on my one-act play, is a comedy with poignant overtones about a couple living in the shadow of Alzheimer's disease.  Beautifully directed by Doug Moser and graced with the brilliant performances of James Noble and Dorothy Bryce, GLACIER BAY has won over a dozen short-film festival awards, including one for Best Screenplay.  It can be seen in its entirety on YouTube.



CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS is a collection of hilarious one-act plays dealing with the most wonderful time of the year. There's the usual Christmas joy here, but also the frustration, the pomposity, the noise, the sadness, the sexiness, and the insanity that make this holiday so memorable. From an engagement scene at Rockefeller Center to a kids' rehearsal of "The Nutcracker" to a lonely moment on Christmas Eve, CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS provides a kaleidoscopic comic survey of the many facets and follies attending our favorite season.

Available on Amazon Kindle - Buy HERE

CHOCOLATE ORANGE PICKLE is a collection of short one-acts.  From AMAZON Description: "This is a generous collection of wild, funny, twisted comic one-acts and sketches by playwright Frederick Stroppel. The short plays in CHOCOLATE ORANGE PICKLE were culled from the Theatre Artists Workshop's Word of the Week project, in which writers were challenged to write a five to ten minute work in the space of a week, based on a particular word. The words serve as inspirations, but the stories themselves can veer off in any unpredictable direction. Thus "Chocolate" deals with a curious murder investigation, "Ghost" is a scene out of Shakespeare, "Pillow" involves a rather unfortunate sexual practice, "Epiphany" recalls the befuddled eyewitness accounts of the original Three Wise Men, and so on. The plays are in turn surrealistic, bawdy, absurd, sexy, profane, and very funny. If you're looking for witty adult humor, you'll find this collection a comic delight - take my word."

CHOCOLATE ORANGE PICKLE is available on Amazon Kindle - Buy HERE

ACTING EDITIONS for the Following Plays and Play Collections -



         A GOOD MAN




           (Single and Proud, Package Deal, Domestic Violence, The Mamet Women,

              Morning  Coffee)  


             (Judgment Call, Soulmates, Chain Mail, Coelacanth, Perfect Pitch)


            (Itch, Smoke-Out, Crashing the Gate, Harvest Time)


                (Tangled Web, Tree World, Twenty Years Ago, Friendly Fire, Designated Driver

               One Man's Vision)


                (Sneeze, A World of Pleasure, After the Ball, Louie's Daughter, Glacier Bay)


- can be purchased through Samuel French, Inc.  at the Drama Book Shop in NYC or at


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