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FREDERICK STROPPEL is a screenwriter and playwright who has had his work produced throughout the world. For film, he has written the screenplays for Almost Pregnant, A Brooklyn State of Mind, Dark Side of Genius, and the short film Glacier Bay, which has won over a dozen festival awards including Best Screenplay. David Mamet’s “Gilded Stones”, based on his short play “The Mamet Women”, was a hit at the 2004 Sundance Festival and the HBO Comedy Festival., and most recently "Mother of the Week" and "A World of Pleasure" have won a number of awards in various 2015-16 film festivals.  He is the creator of the comedy web series Suburban Legends, for which he has written and directed all 22 episodes. He is also a veteran children’s television writer, having served as the head writer for Oswald and Wow Wow Wubbzy!, both for Nickelodeon. Theater work includes his full-length comedy Fortune’s Fools, produced off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater in 1995, and his musical Tales From The Manhattan Woods, based on “Die Fledermaus”. Other plays include Actor!, The Christmas Spirit, The Hunter’s Moon, and Small World, which had its world premiere in January 2013 in Newtown, Connecticut and in 2015 was produced at the acclaimed  Penguin Repertory Theatre. He is the co-writer of Lucky Me, a memoir by actress Sachi Parker, the daughter of Shirley MacLaine, which was published by Gotham/Penguin Books. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Writers Guild of America East.


Fred lives in Glen Cove, New York with his wife Liz, his son Joe, and various animals.

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